Biggest Fan Head Player

Biggest Fan Head Player

Show the crowd who you are the biggest fan of with Nebraska PrintWorks Biggest Fan Head for your student player. Just send us a good quality head shot image of the person you are the "fan" of. We will print it out, mount on foam core board and cut around the person's head only. All backgrounds of the photo will be omitted.

Biggest Fan Heads are designed so you can take them with you. Hold up a Big Head at the big game to psych out the opposing team! Make a Biggest Fan Head of your child and show your support at their sporting event! Biggest Fan Heads are also perfect for birthday and office parties. However you choose to use them, they are meant to stand out in a crowd.

Female head shots will include shoulders to include long hair, if long hair is present. No detail in curls or other features will be retained. A simple outline cut will be made

Male head shots will be cut generally around the head, hair and chin. The neck will be omitted.

Size: Approximately 24" (2 feet) in one dimension. Final size will vary depending on photo.

Color: Prints will be made in full color.

Image Specs: The most important step in creating a Biggest Fan Head is getting the right image. Images must be high resolution (a large digital image). The higher the resolution, the sharper and larger the finished product will be. We suggest you follow these guidelines:

  • Use an image more than 2MB in size.
  • Use an image greater than 1800 x 1800 pixels in size.
  • Use an image with between 180-300 DPI (Dots Per Inch).

Job Specifications

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